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Which Nootropics Should I Use?

Posted on Posted in Cognitive Enhancement

Ever wonder which Nootropics are good for what? Yeah, we thought so. With so many different cognitive enhancing supplements out there, it’s become a pain in the ass to make a decision without spending hundreds of dollars and becoming a guinea pig. That’s why we made this infographic with the top 10 smart drugs to help you the newbie make a better decision when considering which smart drug is for you.

The data in this infographic comes from sources such as a recent survey which received responses from 162 individuals on both Reddit and Longecity – the largest Nootropics communities online, and Reddit’s Nootropics community /r/nootropics as well as /r/stackadvice.

When it comes to why people choose to take Smart Drugs, it usually boils down to these four categories:

  1. Energy/Endurance
  2. Memory/Learning
  3. Clarity/Cognition
  4. Mood/Emotion

In the infographic, each supplement is measured on a scale from 1-10 for all categories.

The ribbon colors for the supplement names (ie. Creatine is orange) are meant to indicate their most pronounced benefit to the user based on our data.

This is unbiased information with no preference over any products, vendors, or brands.